Topmost Reasons to Stop Using Skin Whitening Creams

People in different parts of the world believe that fairer and glowing skin is necessary to look beautiful. In order to achieve such look users use skin whitening and bleaching creams. However, if you do not use them properly as per the instructions, it could lead to various skin issues.

Here are some reasons why you must limit the use of these creams.

  • They might clog your pores and lead to skin problems like acne
  • Many such products contain harmful ingredients
  • Over pigmentation
  • Skin cancer and other similar problems
  • Wrinkles and dark spots

Skin Whitening Creams

What are the harmful ingredients for your skin?

There are many cream based brands especially the cheap ones contain banned substances such as steroids, hydroquinone, corticosteroids, mercury and many other harmful ingredients. The extreme use of these ingredients will lead to many problems like uneven color of skin, thinning of skin, blotchy appearance, irritation, redness of skin to name a few. Over use of mercury could cause memory loss, weight loss and even depression.

What are the side effects of ultra violet rays?

If you use these products constantly for long period, you could experience many skin problems like cancer. When your skin is exposed to the harmful sunrays, ultraviolet rays penetrate deep inside the layers of your skin and spoil it. Melanoma is a common type of skin problem experienced by many users.

How is hydroquinone harmful for your skin?

You could read the skin whitening forever review online. This skin whitening program eBook will provide you valuable tips to get permanent fairer and glowing skin. Most of these creams contain hydroquinone. If you apply the product containing this component for couple of months, you might experience over pigmentation. Moreover, you will suffer from exogenous ochronisis, a skin darkening disorder.

hydroquinone harmful skin

Avoid applying creams during night

Most of the users apply skin whitening night creams before going to bed. They apply thick coat over the face and expect great results. When you sleep, your skin does not get space to breathe properly. Moreover, it stimulates the sebaceous glands in order to produce oil. This will lead to more serious skin issues like acne.