The Advantages of Abs Workouts

Anyone with a great body shape instantly grabs everyone’s attention. People go to gym with a vengeance just to have that celebrity- like body which they can flaunt all the time. But most people seem to struggle with one thing. And that is getting those chiseled six pack ab. While getting muscle tone in other parts of the body seems to be achievable with effort, abs seems to be an elusive phenomenon for many. You can spend hours online or listen to advice from people, the truth is that getting six pack abs is not that difficult. Really, it only comes down to few simple steps. Read on to know more.

First of all you have to lose the fat on your stomach, which is obviously stating the obvious. However, target reduction does not help in any way. When you want to lose weight from your belly, you have to lose weight from your body as well. No matter how many abs crunches you do, you will never get satisfactory results if you do not get the total body fat percentage in control. The ideal body fat percentage is 25% and less for women and 15% and less for men. The fat on the lower abdomen is the hardest to reduce and there is a scientific reason behind it. You can take 30 day ab challenge to realize its advantages.

The next step is to focus on developing your entire core muscles. Quite contrary to the belief, people who do squatting, dead lifting etc also need to work out on their abs. rectus abdominis is the muscle which is commonly considered to be the central muscle for a six pack, but there are other muscles in the core as well. They are serratus, obliques and tranversus abdominis. Instead of just working out the good looking rectus abdominis abs muscles, the entire core muscles have to be developed to achieve the six pack look. But again, achieving a complete six pack will also be dependent upon your genetic makeup, so the results will vary from one person to another.

The real key to getting ripped abs is to have lean body weight and to work out the core muscles in total as well in isolation.

Just like other muscles in the body, core muscles also have to be worked out under progressive increased intensity of the workout. Some people may do insane number of crunches but never seems to reach their goal. That is because most people do not do weighted exercise. It is important to include at least two sets of weighted exercises while working the core muscles out.

So, few basic rules of abs work outs are:-

  • While preventing overtraining, compound lifting in addition to 2- 3 abs workouts can give you better results.
  • Use a combination of weight and unweighted training.
  • Make sure you are increasing the weight of your exercises over a period of time.

There is no shortcut or magical trick for getting great abs. you have to eat correctly, workout properly and just be persistent and consistent in your workout regimen.