Management of Vaginal Atrophy: Treatment Using the Mona Lisa Touch

If you experience vaginal itching, dryness, or burning, you might have a condition referred to as vaginal atrophy.  If you have vaginal atrophy, you are likely to experience painful intercourse due to decreased lubrication in your vagina. This is a condition that affects many women especially those experiencing menopause or those past menopause. The condition is caused by a decrease in estrogen.

There were limited options for women experiencing vaginal atrophy in the past. Modern women are, however, in luck due to advances in diagnosis and treatment of the condition. One of the most common methods of managing vaginal atrophy is hormone therapy. Many women, however, prefer not to risk breast cancer, heart attack, or stroke as a result of hormone therapy. Fortunately, there is Mona Lisa Touch Santa Monica, which is a nonsurgical option for treating vaginal atrophy.

What is Mona Lisa touch?

Mona Lisa Touch is a new procedure that enhances the rejuvenation of your vagina while treating the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. This revolutionary procedure utilizes a controlled pulse of energy to stimulate your vaginal tissue, which triggers increased production of collagen that is the building block of healthy cells in the vagina.

Mona Lisa Touch utilizes a laser pulse with two parts. It utilizes carbon dioxide laser energy targeted to stimulate both the lamina propria that is the deep underlying tissue in the vagina and the epithelial tissue that is at the surface. These light beams work by puncturing parts of your vaginal wall and creating small wounds that cause collagen production.

The laser treatment is very fast and minimally invasive with each session lasting a total of 5 minutes. To have the best outcome, you only need 3 sessions totaling 15 minutes. You should begin to see results after your first session, making this treatment very effective. The procedure is also virtually painless, which is a major plus for you.

What are the benefits of the Mona Lisa Touch?

Mona Lisa touch as a treatment for vaginal atrophy is good for many women. Some benefits include:

  • Mona Lisa Touch does not have side effects compared to other treatments such as hormone therapy.
  • Mona Lisa Touch is not affected by the patient having another condition and does not exacerbate other conditions
  • Mona Lisa Touch treatment, unlike surgical procedures, has a minimal recovery time.
  • Mona Lisa Touch increases options for women with vaginal atrophy and is beneficial to women who do not or cannot treat the condition with conventional procedures.

Women with vaginal atrophy know that it is associated with debilitating symptoms that compromise sexual health. Mona Lisa Touch guarantees vaginal revitalization and cures dryness of the vagina leading to painless and enjoyable intercourse. This can be the difference between a fulfilling sex life and a life full of painful experiences.

If you experience the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, you should consult your obstetrician or gynecologist and schedule a consultation. Ensure that you enquire about the Mona Lisa Touch if your doctor does not offer it as an option.