Getting Rid of Cellulite Totally: Here’s the Guide You Have Been Looking for

Cellulite is a combination of both collagen fibers and fat. The issue is such this collagen and fat is a bit different than the collage and fat on the body of men and even different than fat on various parts of a female body.

Causes of Cellulite

Women have more collage fibers in their lower body than men running up and down in a vertical way. This collagen fiber distribution is the main reason women get cellulite and men do not. Men’s superficial collagen tends to form like a mesh. Where the fibers of women run up and down, fibers of men tend to crisscross.

Female Lower Body Fat

Women’s lower body fat is different than that of men. Women have around nine times more alpha-adrenergic receptors related to the fat tissue than beta-adrenergic receptors. Catecholamines, the most potent fat burning hormones in the body bound adrenergic receptors. As catecholamines interact with beta receptors, there will be a release of fat from fat cells. If binding with alpha-receptors, fat release is slowed. Women tend to lose weight fat from the upper body. Thos who have tried going into a marathon running program and realized they lost everywhere except their butt and hips can attend to this statement.

Other Things to Consider

Vertical collagen fibers blended with a possibility of storing fat mainly in the lower body and a harder time to lose it is the cellulite cause. However, the story does not end here as another aspect of lower body fat tissue is the blood flow issue. Such fat is hypoxic, thus starving for oxygen. The reason is the prevalence of alpha-receptors together with the poor blood vessels perfusion means it doesn’t obtain as much supply.

The other issue is the direct link of muscle with its facial lining and the skin’s collagen tissue. Therefore, well-developed muscles can affect the tone and tightness of the skin’s connective tissue. This is a reason why weight lifting can tighten the body even if a person does not lose weight. Think weight training and you think cellulite exercises.

Fixing the Issue

  • Burn the Fat-Burning the fat is necessary to get rid of cellulite. You can do this by blocking or bypassing the lower body’s alpha-adrenergic receptors. A very low carb diet, together with smart supplement can do the trick. Carbs are the main hormone insulin simulators and insulin promotes alpha-adrenergic receptor activity. Thus, carbs and insulin must be lowered to suppress the alpha adrenergic receptors’ action to speed up the release of fat from the lower body.
  • Remodel Fibres- Fibers must be strengthened and remodeled. This is the toughest aspect and although there a number of low-tech means for accomplishing this, you get the best results if you combine the fat burning tactics above with some up and coming cellulite treatments that try to address the collagen issue by stimulating deep tissue including light therapy, vibration, and heat. Get more information on this aspect by checking out
  • Increase Blood Flow-Blood flow increase must be focused on the lower body. You can do this by moving the area and heat it. Exercise and massage can do both. Increased blood flow here means the increased ability for moving released fat to some distant areas to be burned.

Author Bio: Shellie Brian is a fitness expert. Just like other women, she also had cellulite in some parts of her body by discovered the right solution to it.