Find Out the Importance of a Dietitian and How They Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

These days a large section of the population the world over is suffering from overweight and obesity related problems. Proper diet and exercise is the corrective and preventive measure that should become an integral part of our everyday life. Being fit is not only important to look good, but is also important for the overall health of a person.

Researches have shown that to achieve an ideal weight, we need to exercise as well as have a proper diet. In fact, weight management is 90% diet control and 10% exercise. As diet management is so important, dietitians in Durham, NC play a vital role in the good health of their community.

Dietitian Health Goals

Why Should You Visit A Dietician?

Studies have shown that over 60% Americans are overweight. Many of them have tried diet control at some time or the other, but have never been able to stick to it to keep the weight off permanently. They are always in a yo-yo weight cycle, which is even more harmful. All those people need help in their diet and this is where a good dietician comes in.

Overweight and obesity leads to many health problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, high BP, pregnancy and fertility related issues in women, kidney failure, liver malfunction etc. People suffering from any of these problems due to overweight are generally referred to a dietitian.

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The Role of a Dietitian:

Dieticians are registered health professionals, who have the knowledge of food and nutrition. They use the science behind food to give advice on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through food. In some places, they are also referred to as nutritionists.

Here is a list of ways in which a dietitian will help you:

  • They will study your existing lifestyle and advice changes in food to achieve your ideal health goal.
  • Understand your body’s nutritional needs and advice on which food groups to focus on.
  • They will advise you on how to read the labels in food items and understand them.
  • They will guide you on how and what to buy when you go grocery shopping.
  • They will understand your taste and tell you the changes that you can make in your favourite recipe to make them healthier.

Role Dietitian

  • They will advise lifestyle changes for better health while at the same time ensuring that it does not disrupt your life too much.
  • They also work with sports persons to advice food changes to increase muscle power and stamina.
  • They are also responsible for recuperation of patients after a surgery or major health issue to regain the body’s strength and immunity. They focus on specific nutrition care plans for different diseases.
  • They are also hired by the government to advice in health care facilities to maintain the overall health of the community.
  • They work in food service department of health care facilities to advice and monitor the food served to see that it meets the individual nutritional needs.
  • They advise the government on the initiatives that will work towards population wide health improvement.

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In many cases, the most important role that a dietitian plays is giving the right kind of motivation and encouragement to stick to your diet plan. Understand your individual needs and tastes and make a customised plan that you can find easy to stick to.

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