3 Tips to Know About Personal Training for the Elderly

Many people are under the misconception that as you age, you have to give up those physical pursuits. However, those with this mindset are completely wrong. In fact, there are several older individuals who maintain a personal training schedule just as if they were in the younger adult years. This personal training may not be the same as it was twenty years ago, as the bodies needs and abilities change as a person ages. However, it is completely safe for the elderly to dive into personal training regiments. Here are a few tips to keep in mind about senior personal training:

Training for the Elderly

  • Physical training may be slower and less intense

As a person ages, even if they have had a personal training programme for years, may find that the intensity of this programmes changes as they age. As a person ages, their bones become more fragile, they often lose some flexibility, so this means that exercises may change. Instead of lifting one hundred pound weights, a senior may start to utilise hand weights. Both options offer weight resistance, but hand weights are often easier and less strain.

Physical training

  • There are several benefits to a personal training program

For seniors who have never exercised a day in their life, training programmes can be a great way to get back into shape, as there are several benefits to seniors who participate in a training programme. These benefits include better balance, coordination, strength and endurance. These are often complaints from ageing individuals, but with continued physical work, you can stay strong and alert.

personal training program

  • Always seek a medical professional’s opinion

Despite the many benefits that personal training offers, it is important that seniors get approval to participate in this type of behaviour and learn as to which activities may be off limits for health reasons. No one, whether they are young or old, need to enter into a personal training programme without consulting a physician first. Doing so could lead to injury and pain associated with issues that a person already has. For seniors, they will also want to take the time to work with a personal trainer who has experience in working with older individuals. He or she may have developed exercises that are amended in order to give seniors even more benefits, and it also helps to ensure your safety.

medical professionals

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