Use 50mcg Clen for Fat Free Body

An Anabolic that has the reputation of being the best fat burner in the body building field is called as Clenbuterol. It is called as Clen. It is widely used by the athletes and body builders during the cutting phase of their health supplement cycle. It stops the production of adipose tissue in the body which helps to regulate the excess fat in the body. The energy which it supplies to the entire body is actually generated by breaking from within the body itself. This health supplement targets only the receptors found in the fat cells.

Some amount of fat always remains within no matter how much you work out or stick to diet plans. When this pill is introduced in the bloodstream it stimulates the beta-2 receptors. This causes huge increase in metabolism. With increase of metabolism the cellular heat of the body also increases. Thus the increase of body heat causes breakdown of triglycerides that forms free fatty acids. People using this legal pill will experience total toned physique.

Safe cycles and dosage level

There are mainly two methods of this medicine for safe and effective utilization. Among this the most popular one is the two weeks on and two weeks off. This means consuming the tablet for the first two weeks and then stopping it for next two weeks. In this process the user need to start with a low dosage and keep increasing it in every two to three days. Once the medicine gets adapted by the body the consumption also stops.

This process is tried and tested, but there has been a steady and longer period administration which is gaining popularity day by day. The new method is known as the steady use. User who undergoes this method starts with a low dose and increases the dosage level slightly for every couple of weeks. The increasing level depends on an individual on how his/her body reacts. The dosage can be increased at 50mcg clenbuterol daily and with sustained escalation in every two to three weeks.

Side effects

Using the pills as your wish or faulty dosage can build side effects to your body. It may increase the blood pressure and can cause nausea with vomiting and headaches. It can cause muscle cramps during intense work outs. As this medicine burns down the fat, research has seen that wrong dosage or cycle has increased the heart muscle too. This is because of the collagens that get increased by the workout process of Clen.

People using the product at 50mcg clenbuterol daily does not qualify for side effects. But if someone consumes the same amount without maintaining it associated protocols can give stress to his/her body. Studies have shown that it causes adverse effects on the heart’s structural dimension which cause aortic enlargement. This situation can cause sudden death and aortic rupture when you are going for intense workout. Improper dosage cause left-sided cardiac atrophy due to the accelerated degradation of the left side of the heart.