GABA Supplements – A Comprehensive Review

Physical and mental well-being is directly connected to good sleep patterns. One cannot have good health if there are issues with sleep. GABA supplements are effective in these conditions. They are recommended to take before bedtime.


Even though there is no scientific proof behind this, along with all the contradictions still people use GABA to achieve better sleep and they are getting positive results. But science still says, GABA supplements taken orally cannot cross BBB that is blood brain barrier and will not be able to reach brain. So, by their opinion, that is not the result of GABA supplementation reaching brain and regulating GABA levels. But may be due to some other effect users are yielding desired results. GABA helps people wake up feeling rested.

But even medical industry agrees with the effects of GABA derivatives on balancing sleep patterns. Some of them are picamilon and phenibut. These derivatives are able to cross BBB and there is high chance of increasing GABA levels in the brain. So if one cannot yield results from GABA they can try these derivatives to cure their insomnia or sleep disorders.

Overall it can be stated that GABA is safe to use. This opinion is a summary of many user reviews. So, it can replace many serious and high dose pharmaceutical medications which are meant for regulating sleep patterns. If sleep disorders can be achieved by GABA then why go for medications which come with lot of side effects. If one is following the suggested dose of GABA it will be tolerated in majority of cases. It can yield sleep patterns naturally not like its pharmaceutical rivals.

Side effects:

GABA supplements are considered non-toxic. That is the reason they are safe. But, high doses of GABA are not recommended. User may experience few side effects initially but they are of short duration and are very mild. Some of the side effects include anxiety, rapid breathing, and nausea, shortness of breath, increased heart rate, itching sensation, and tickling and tingling sensation.

Some individuals should avoid GABA supplements. If one is already taking medication for issues like depression then they should not take GABA. Feeding mothers and pregnant women should avoid taking GABA. If necessary then only GABA is recommended for children along with doctor’s supervision.


There is no scientific proof for sleep benefits of GABA supplements. Because to yield these benefits, it should reach brain crossing blood brain barrier which it cannot do.

But many users reported its effects on calming mind and this has resulted in yield normal sleep patterns. So, there is contradiction between user’s experience and scientific studies. This may be due to placebo effect caused in users after taking GABA supplements or than can be some other occurrence which has not yet studied and reported by scientists.

When taken in higher doses, GABA will result in minor side effects. Otherwise it is mostly tolerated by majority of the people. Side effects can also occur when dose are taken in combination with other substances. Since there is no proper information on its interactions with other existing medications, one should be very conscious.